And when you go looking for it to find something else to steal – it just ain’t there!

Try rabbit’s blog – she’s the expert….I just write ‘fiction’ – or I did in the good old days….there you go ‘tdf’  – I referenced rabbit’s blog just like you wanted.

Ring a ring of roses…going to leave a comment on her blog telling her to reference me?

Oh, you can’t of course, because she just deletes comments she doesn’t like. Blocks anyone who disagrees with her. Me, I used to let any old fool comment on mine.

Switches from being an expert on Duncroft (that she’s never set foot in), to being an expert on the NHS – in the blink of an eye. Well, the blink of two or three eyes, after the rest of them had done their dirty work.

Ask her about Cleveland and Savile if she’s an expert on the NHS – she’ll know all about it.  I’m told she chaired the meeting in Leeds with Amanda – that came from what I thought was a reliable source, but not corroborated so can’t be sure now. Difficult to tell when everyone hides behind false names.  Don’t believe any of them now. They could all be the same person – is rabbit really Jervis in disguise? Or Hewson? Nope, can’t be Hewson ‘cos she was at meeting in Leeds too.

Good to know that Jervis doesn’t think I’m mentally ill – neither do mental health professionals. Just ‘wounded’ – as she well knew, and knew just how to make thing worse. It’s a game to them.

Keep the Savile flag flying – more like a helium balloon than a flag and its flown all the way up to IICSA.

Not what they intended but you can never tell which way the wind is blowing…

They’ve got a mole in their camp and they haven’t got a clue who it is!

That’s the trouble with all these false identities – you can never be sure – never trust anyone – and the mole is still happily chuntering away, telling me everything.

My, what a lot I didn’t know! To think I could have ended my days happily writing about the NHS – thinking I was doing some good, making the best out of a shitty situation.

Instead of which – a whole can of worms opened up. You can thank Jervis for that – other people were watching and shocked at what they saw.  So shocked they started talking – and when they found out just how wounded I was, and that Jervis knew all along, knew I’d never sued the NHS, knew I’d never worked for them, knew I’d already had PTSD after being trapped before, knew I was trapped in this bed, knew that those exchanges weren’t just innocent ‘perfectly justifiable’ enquiries from a voter hundreds of miles away from Corbyn’s constituency  – they weren’t just shocked, they were appalled that anyone could be so cold, so calculating, so callous – then they really started talking.

Oh, they know that I don’t really trust them – I’ve told them straight – ‘don’t trust anyone now’, nothing personal, but they are OK with that, they understand – said they wouldn’t really trust anyone if they were in my shoes either.

Mind you – I haven’t been in my shoes for over two months now….*joke*…march 18th 2017, last time I ever stood up.

Sigh…but what do I know about the NHS? What do I know…


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  1. It was sad to see the great Anna Raccon fooled and taken in by Simon Ronald Just on Twitter. I would have though you would have researched those that suck up to you on Twitter after all you have been through. Simon Ronald Just and the rest of the SuperTroll Gang that include MWT and his PCC Dorset buddy and Borg and Lav and the CAB long time friend of MWT > Christopher John Worner and others are responsible for the death of a wonderful kind and funny man, my partner of 37 years, They super trolled and cyberstalked him 24/7/365×2 right up until they caused him a massive heart attack when he died in my arms at 3am on 24th November 2016. I have identified the lot of them, linked them all, archives of what they did and when they did. They killed him as surely as night turns to day. They even post messages on my in memorium videos, fortunately they have not left one here on my favourite, but they willl. https://vimeo.com/197221519 What have they all lost, nothing, they are still alive as you too are, Anna, whilst an innocent man they got arrested and made allegations he was a fraudster, harasser and paedophile, and kept on bail for 50 weeks when the police knew of his and my own innocence within two weeks of our arrests. They do not get off either, the final nail in the coffin when allegations were NFA’d by the CPS and the arresting officer admitted he had been using us as pawns to get Scharenborg out of Holland to arrest her! It is a sick world, Anna, one i feel sure that you will be more than happy to leave just as i will and i hope my time comes soon so I can be with the love of my life again. They even want to kill me and our Parrot prince. Well, like you i am letting it all out, start here and work your way through the blogs to see just what Simon Ronald Just and the rest of the Borg Gang have been up to https://werefused2bassimilatedtheninvestigated4paedophilia.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/darren-laverty/


  2. FWIW Anna, you didn’t sound “mad” or “drugged” on Twitter. You sounded like my husband did when he found out his best mate of 30 years was a serial abuser with no soul. The cognitive dissonance would drive *some* mad, I feel sure. But not you. xx

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  3. As one of the ‘any old fools’ I actually worked in the NHS before it fully succumbed to Managerial disease. But what do I know about the NHS? What do I know…

    You aren’t crazy, Anna. Anything but. You’re one of the most lucid people I’ve ever come across. But even the most lucid can be deceived. Happy birthday.

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  4. Landlady, I have avoided commenting recently, as it has been my wish that you would avoid the internet and focus on your expanding family, Mr G and your home. I had no wish to distract you from such important endeavours.

    Nevertheless I could not let this day pass without sending my congratulations to you on your birthday.

    The Raccoon Arms is sorely missed, nowhere on the wide internet comes even close for sensible conversation, but at least we have the memory of a golden time of camaraderie and good cheer. The world is a better place for your efforts exposing police and CPS incompetence, even if in some cases you may feel betrayed by some of your lesser commenters. Your tenacity, honesty and plain good-sense has been well-used for the betterment of many.


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  5. Anna, all of my blogs have just been taken down by wordpress. Nothing illegal in them, just stuff already in the public domain, but the SuperTrolls are afraid of what i have been revealing, and they have two high profile members of that SuperTroll Gang that are manipulating everyone and using their powers to silence victims like myself. They killed my partner and now they have made it abundantly clear they want to kill me and my parrot Prince. Good luck with whatever is left of you life, but you will not win against them, they have high contacts helping them, you and I do not. They are shit scared of all i have published so far and their was tons more to come.


  6. Anna, i just received an email from you via wordpress about you have repeatedly tried to leave a message for me but have been unsuccessful. That is because they removed all my blogs yesterday. My expose of MWT and his SuperTroll Gang appears to be hurting the whole gang and they have silenced me, but like you I shall ressurrect and get the truth out.

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  7. Have you ever heard of Gerald Simon Coulter, Anna? He has a Holly Grieg story on his website herehttp://www.dorsetvictimsupport.org/masoninfo.html he also owns three websites a Parliamentary person informed me recently the Government want down http://www.dorsetpolice.tv http://www.ministryofjustice.info & http://www.hmcourts-service.com He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and believes he is invincible. However with the Tories when returned to power, they are introducing a new Bill in Law that empowers Government itself to take down websites, and they will go, the Borg assimilator and its gang made false allegations that myself and my late partner owned, ran and uploaded content to his website, they are lies and they were criminal false allegations amongst others they got us arrested for and on bail for fifty weeks, part of the stress that caused my partners death as surely as if they murdered him themselves! They have all been in contact with him, this is his video about themhttp://www.dorsetpolice.tv/2016/06/07/dorset-police-disparity-of-fairness/ and this is Scharenborg, Christopher John Worner a.k.a your address exposer @ronald_the_dog & Jamie Millard @thefoolchaser sending him malicious voicemails https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsGApDs37LE


  8. You may find this Gerald Simon Coulter documentary about dorset police & crime commissioner Martyn Underhill who sent a malicious communication to this man about myself and Robert http://www.libdems.org.uk/phil-dunn who is currently standing against my MP Conor Burns who Janette Scharenborg attacked on twitter in 2015 with one of her infamous ‘memes’ . I have an email from Conor Burns in which he states she is an internet Troll who abused him! Martyn Underhill sent a lying malicious communication to Phil Dunn about us, I have the letter he sent. Underhill is an old and very good friend of Mark Williams-Thomas, joining the dots ? and MWT is a colleague and friend of Borglady and a friend of over 30 years of @ronald_the_dog! The stress that this malicious communication to the LibDems contributed to the stress that ultimately killed my partner six months ago! Mr. Coulter refers to Underhill being suspended from Sussex police for sex on duty. where he was a DCI and worked on the Sarah Payne enquiry allegedly with MWT! The story appeared in various provincial newspapers but was removed after complaints from Underhill or Blunderhill as the Dorset Echo refer to him. Of course that was pre the new 2013 Libel Laws when the accuser had to prove their published claims. He would not find it so easy nowadays as he would have to prove what he claims is Libel is untrue! This man https://vidstatsx.com/ggm11/videos-most-recent published the story on his website but i believe Underhill got it removed. I do have a web archived copy of the original story! Underhill threatened Gerald Simon Coulter with a legal action but has not actioned it, i believe because of the new 2013 Libel Laws as he would have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Coulter is Libelling him. It is all very sordid.


  9. Anna. Simon Just and the wanker former Citizens Advice Bureau Senior Adviser, Christopher John Worner, both published our address and photographs of us that Scharenborg’s husband Richard took of us on their visit to Dorset to holiday with us in 2013, before we discovered she had been lying to us. She cropped them so we perhaps may not have recognised where and by whom they were taken, but she forgot the photograph of Robert was sitting in front of her camper van and behind him in the photo was the usual camper van notice in various languages, that is what gave the game away that she was involved, and Just and Worner could only have got those photographs from her, then in searching we found her following them and Willy Wonky MWT and all of them following her and each other, we kept web archived files of that as evidence joining the dots. But Just and Worner went one further. As usual as with other of their victims they found this company and explored its online accounts at companies house etc., https://www.yell.com/biz/moreys-diesel-services-ltd-bridport-2288692/ went to a company directors site and found Robert James Morey the professional musicians name of my partner and assumed they found his companyhttps://companycheck.co.uk/director/909057357/ROBERT-JAMES-MOREY/directors They then published I was Charlotte Jasmine Morey, coincidentally they have a Christopher Hobby working there too it transpired so they thought they had hit pay dirt and it was us. He accused us of lots of things proving we were this company and passed the details on to a nasty solicitor who was the representative of the celebrities in the Leveson Inquiry, and he sent Robert a series of criminally harassing emails with menaces demanding thousands of pounds from Robert and a threat to take him to court to get it and other rubbish! The usual case of misidentification. They both published lots of homophobic tweets directed at us too. They are one sick cyberpathic sociopathic gang, the lot of them.


  10. This is that photograph of my partner Robert.
    We were together for 37 years till the Thomas/Scharenborg SuperTroll gang caused his death.
    Our GP of the past 20 years confirmed to the police it was the stress of the malicious unlawful arrest which you can listen to Gerry Coulter speaking about on the link after this photo which shows Robert in front of her camper van in at the Sandford Caravan Park near Wareham in Dorset! https://dorsetpoliceignoredomesticviolenceorderbreaches.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/robert-is-stingurass-millionsthomas-copy.jpg This is the video http://www.dorsetpolice.tv/2016/06/07/dorset-police-disparity-of-fairness/
    During the abuse we were supertrolled and abused by Jamie Millard the years long stalker and abuser of Willy Wonky MWT who Simon Ronald Just and the gang accused us both of being, and Gerry Coulter too. We finally exposed him a few weeks ago to the police as @thefoolchaser and he has now blatantly announced on his twitter profile that he is indeed Jamie Millard. Simon Ronald Just also published a blog, still online and with the police with the rest about us that we owned and operated this account https://twitter.com/collyerbristow?lang=en this was impossible as we did not even know that Collyer Bristow existed until six months after this account was set up. I have recently taken this up with Collyer Bristow asking them to make a public announcement that they know this twitter account is not us, but they are ignoring me.


  11. You may love this bit, Anna. As you know MWT is in business in INEQUE with Jim Gamble the founder of CEOP that is connected to https://ineqe.com/mark-williams-thomas/ and see this, one of Scharenborgs procured Super Trolls at a CEOP conferencehttps://dorsetpoliceignoredomesticviolenceorderbreaches.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/cimg4429.jpg See him proudly wearing his CEOP identity badge. See also he was PERSONALLY invited by Tricia Bernal a trustee here http://www.protectionagainststalking.org/trustees-and-supporters/ they also knew about this statement accepted by the District Judge in the 4 day trial of Ronnie Hobby only a couple of months before him being found guilty of eight criminal allegations I brought against him for which he now has an indefinite Domestic Violence non molestation order! Be prepared for a shock at what you will read in the court and police statement by the witness who gave this as personal testimony at the trial.

    The revelations that may shock you are in the bottom paragraph herehttps://dorsetpoliceignoredomesticviolenceorderbreaches.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/kenbakertwo1.jpg
    final part three here https://dorsetpoliceignoredomesticviolenceorderbreaches.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/ddd.jpg


  12. Anna, convictedtrolls are misleading you, I am not a convicted serial stalker and they cannot prove that i am. The police currently investigating know that i am not and that i went to prison for the proven crimes of their friend Ronnie Hobby procured by the Borg. My bent solicitor refused to show my evidence that would have acquitted me that Ronnie Hobby was found guilty of what i was accused of doing at my 4 day trial of him in front of BBC TV News, but the bent git refused to show my evidence or bring my listed witnesses in, the whole prosecution is proven malicious and the police do not doubt it after the evidence i have given them.


  13. Anna, You will enjoy this. Before they were convictedtrolls.com they were the Borgs https://kevingreen1950.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/meet-royden-james-jones/
    bloggers who got banned by wordpress themselves. They migrated to a paid privacy protect account and claim to be operated from Germany. They arranged for all her kevin green blogs to be redirected to their new blogsite, prove it for yourself and click on the aforementioned link! Watche the URL change when it goes to the new blogs. Fortunately someone had the foresight to archive all the kevingreen1950 blogs herehttps://web.archive.org/web/*/kevingreen1950.wordpress.com


  14. This is his criminal record, Anna

    Now you know they are deceiving you. This member of the SuperTroll gang is a seasoned criminal DECEIVER, see all of his criminal convictions for D.E.C.E.P.T.I.O.N!


  15. They made a big mistake in a recent blog. They put the word ‘MET’ where only ‘WITH’ would fit. Now if they were German as they have regularly published, the mistake would have been in German with ‘MIT’, BUT ‘MET’ is dutch. Same with Simon Ronald Just and his real troll exposure blog, in the early days of that ‘GEEN CATEGORIE’ kept appearing, and that is DUTCH too!


  16. So, everyone now knows that you are following Scharenblog and she is following you. You know full well that she is the Cat Lady. Very very interesting you have gone quite after being advised of this, wot, eh! Perhaps this blog is hers, perhaps she is really your twitter account, eh wot wot eh! Nowt would surprise me in this crazy fucked up world. My mate Darren Duckworth @dafta_69 would have informed you that she is the cat lady, wot wot wot eh eh nudge as good as a wink wot wot eh! Nothing at all would surprise me that your tweets against Scharenblog are a ruse to make your avid readers believe you don’t like her, and perhaps you are actually assisting her wot wot wot eh eh wot!


  17. If you are the annaracoon2017 on Twitter who is constantly telling your readership of your continued daily ingestion of ketamine, then they should be made aware of exactly what you are doing to your state of mindhttp://drugabuse.com/library/the-effects-of-ketamine-use/
    After reading this, any expert would inform your readership that nothing you publish can be believed and put down to confusion.


  18. People who used to visit the Anna Raccoon blog certainly seem to be missing from the comments here and from public interaction with the Anna Raccoon Twitter account.


  19. A big joke in past few days and just now this afternoon is one of your nemesii SimonLeak tweeting that people use TOR for pornography and other insidious reasons, when in fact he knows that in 2015 along with the LadyBog mistress, and in fact he will recall that she actually tweeted to her troll gang “We all use TOR”, all of her victims saw that admission. Mr. SimonLeaky uses TOR and he refers to it as an Onion. Here is a song for Mr. SimonLeaky and the rest of his gang

    A wonderful Motown song from the 70’s that suddenly takes on an entirely new contemporary meaning.


  20. She telephoned me the other night after I invited people to phone me via Facetime. I’m not aware that I’ve tweeted ‘against’ her – merely that I had stated in my post that I was aware that she had a connection with Mr Just via the cease and desist letter and there seemed to be a number of derogatory articles about her online which I didn’t have time to read properly. I was only told last night that she was also known as ‘the cat lady’ and have no idea what that means. This blog most certainly isn’t hers.


  21. I am indeed the same Anna Raccoon – the article you point to relates to the recreational use of Ketamine at far lower doses than I am receiving. The high dose used for pain relief does not produce hallucinations nor interfere with rational thought processes – and my heart and kidneys – which can be affected at a high dose, are constantly monitored on a daily basis by professionals so there is no need to fear that medically supplied ketamine would have any of the effects you describe. Thank you for caring.

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  22. Yes, it is a matter of great sadness to me that having carried the burden of being a ‘Savile defender’ for five years, even though I had never met the man, never gave him a second thought, was not a fan of his or his programmes – merely spoke up regarding the initial complaints out of a sense of fairness; I knew they couldn’t be true, so thought it was my duty to say so – those, notably his niece, Amanda Savile, have not seen fit to defend me in the comments or on Twitter from these horrible attacks.
    For five years I have paid for a platform that allowed people from all opinions to debate, express their opinion, without censorship – none of them have spoken up in support of me. Even what were close personal friends, operating under false names have declined to be seen standing alongside me for fear that the trolls will discover who they are and unmask them.
    Only one, BlockedDwarf, has been brave enough to risk being unmasked and has stood firm and supported me and I thank him for that.
    I have certainly learnt a lot of lessons as to how people are prepared to use you when you are useful to them but run a mile when you are the one in trouble.
    I’ve given up crying over them – they are welcome to each other. With friends like that one doesn’t need enemies. They won’t find another blog like Anna Raccoon – it was unique.

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  23. I neither like nor dislike Ms Scharenbourg. I have had no contact with her apart from an email she sent me several years ago, until the other night when she DMd me as ‘cat lady’ and then telephoned me on Facetime. She seemed more interested in discussing her illness than anything else and since I was falling asleep I had to ask her to stop the conversation and try again when I was more awake – I haven’t heard from her since. From what I remmber of the DM (now deleted)it was all about people who were at Bryn Estyn – another saga about which I know absolutely nothing.
    I have been quiet because I have been sleeping a lot during the day and also have had two visitors two days running.


  24. I am afraid that I have no real idea of what you are referring to, Mrs. R., when you write about your bullying on Twitter; I do not have a Twitter account – it has always seemed quite moronic to me, to say nothing of being a magnet for weirdoes and other inadequates, a medium for broadcasting their ignorant, banal, virtue-signalling, and herd-following thoughts – although I did occasionally look up your account from my computer to see if you had written anything, and often came across lengthy and disjointed posts, and replies to other people, that I couldn’t really make much sense of.

    Personally, I am always prepared to stand up for anyone being bullied, especially when they are in such an unfortunate physical state as you are. I’d like to thank Mr. Dwarf for his efforts on your behalf. The best advice that I can give you is to avoid Twitter – they’re obviously a bunch of wankers! – and concentrate your efforts on the original and best Anna Raccoon blog.

    Please blog about the recent fire at Grenfell Tower.

    I wouldn’t give any heed to a bunch of anonymous cowards. And why should you? You have obviously got a wonderful husband, a rediscovered family, some true friends, and a devoted internet following: surely that’s enough.

    Go forth into the world in peace; be of good courage; hold fast to that which is good; render no man evil for evil; strengthen the faint-hearted; support the weak; help the afflicted; honour all men; love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you and remain with you always.

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  25. Go forth into the world in peace; be of good courage; hold fast to that which is good; render no man evil for evil; strengthen the faint-hearted; support the weak; help the afflicted; honour all men; love and serve the Lord, rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you and remain with you always.

    Thank you for that Major Bonkers- you were always less than Bonkers.

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  26. One of the wonders of the internet is that you can find out almost anything about almost anything.

    For more on that prayer, see: https://johnian.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/go-forth-into-the-world/

    It is apparently a re-wording of 1 Thessalonians 5:13-22 and, having looked that up, I see that Saint Paul originally wrote, ‘Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men. […]’

    In our more tender age, ‘comfort the feebleminded’ has become, ‘strengthen the faint-hearted’. Anyway, good advice for running a blog, I’d have thought!

    On a different topic, very excitingly Pxanthippou sent me an e-mail last night via WordPress – I don’t know how he managed that, let alone how to reply, but thank you – and I had a bit of a gawp at ‘what they’re up to’, which I took, after prowling around Google a bit, to be a reference to http://www.holliegreigjustice.uk .

    I cannot really make much headway into the rights or wrongs of that case, but anyone who feels that he improves his case by adding personal insult rather loses both my sympathy and credulity, simply on the basis that any case ought to be strong enough to stand on its own merits.

    After a bit more prowling, I discovered that I can set up my own blog, which indolence has so far previously prevented me from attempting. Shortly, therefore, the spirit of Bonkers will move upon the face of the internet… !


  27. Major Bonkers, please allow me the privilege of being your first reader. I have always loved your contributions to this blog – and think any blog you wrote would be a sure fire winner. Just as soon as you set it up, please let me know.

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  28. Golly gosh, Major! I seem to have supernatural powers.

    No idea how I sent you e-mail via WordPress. Perhaps you would copy it to me : Pericles chiocciola* UpperAirspace.com.

    Wish I could develop a power to generate a force field around our raccoon’s den to ward off those evil spirits! How sad that their abuse has forced her out of it.


    * In Italian the symbol that ought to be here is known as a snail


  29. Coming soon at : https://majorbonkers.wordpress.com

    You are both very kind in your encouragement. I did draft up something, but the gods of the copybook headings wisely decided it was crap – it was, I can’t complain or deny it – and, not bothering to save it, the gods, in their mercy, quietly deleted it. It was probably because I wrote it sober. It lacked that wonderful AR honesty.

    I must get on with it; I must do it; I will do it, I will do it,… I will do it… .

    The Poles call this sign – @ – a ‘małpa’ or monkey. The curl is its tail, you see.

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  30. Yes, come on, Major. Shame you scrapped the first one: it might have worked out all right … once you’d had a few!

    Nice looking site, by the way. Is that masthead a Russian picture?



  31. I’d be lying, if I said I understood, Major. I gather you’re in the process of create your ’blog.

    So … standing by.



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