Barbara Hewson and on line trolling.

Ms Hewson has taken it upon herself to write to my election agent in the following terms:

Sue has been issuing some quite threatening messages on social media directed at all manner of people including an academic at Edinburgh.

Threatening to expose them etc etc

I do indeed intend to get to the bottom of where precisely the 50,000 euros went to – a not unreasonable goal, given that I have been openly accused of having ‘pocketed it’ on my own behalf.

I would say that ‘threatening to expose them’ conjures up a slightly different and more sinister description of my desire to know what has been going on.

Given that when I asked for a backup copy of my blog, they were neither able to supply it, nor did they make any further replies to me. They have now replied to David Rose saying that they do have it safe – but I have yet to hear from them personally.

Ms Hewson has also claimed to my election agent:

She is now openly associating with the worst type of conspiracy theorists and lunatics on Twitter – including those with criminal records for harassment – so the potential for serious mischief is grave.

I am not in a position to know who has a criminal conviction and who hasn’t. Until this latest saga, I had never paid much attention to Twitter apart from publicising my latest article. Frankly I was too busy researching the next article to engage in the endless Twitter spats. They seemed to be a complete waste of time and breath to me.

Given that Ms Hewson is alleged to be associating with Mr Simon Just (I trust Ms Philmore will forgive me for quoting from her blog)

15/01/17 I email Ms Hewson’s solicitors requesting confirmation that I can serve any application for an injunction at their offices. I say I am very concerned that Ms Hewson is in contact with two men who have just been arrested for stalking Esther Baker and an unnamed journalist. These men are Simon Just and Darren Laverty.

and that if you Google “Simon Just” you will come up with numerous blog entries complaining about his Twitter trolling and in his guise as @majorleak2017 that I ‘prove’ my true identity:

@majorleak2017 to @barristerblog: There are concerns that the account @AnnaRaccoon2017 is not really Anna. Do you have any Q’s that may prove one way or other?

@AnnaRaccoon: I have just posted a lengthy reply to addeybob. Yes, it is mine, set up by me, no one else has access. Old Holborn did have access to the Lettuce Prey account which he renamed Anna Raccoon.

@majorleak2017 Sorry until you answer my specific questions regarding 3 emails to Real Troll Exposure then your response is not good enough for me.

@AnnaRaccoon: Suit yourself.

@AnnaRaccoon (showing an identity card) This do you?

@majorleak2017 Nope, I asked specific questions.

@majorleak2017 No answer to specific questions = no belief.

@AnnaRaccoon: Given that I haven’t a clue what the questions are, then you have a long wait for me to answer them!

@majorleak2017: Yes I did. You chose to ignore them. What did you say in those emails? But for the benefit of doubt: Emails on 6th December 2016, 25th November 2016, 12th November 2015 to Real Troll Exposure

@AnnaRaccoon: Absolutely no idea whatsoever. Don’t have copy of them to refer back to – do remember an exchange regarding Old Holborn, and would have said as I’ve always said to many people that he has an ego the size of Luxembourg, has caused me grief in the past, specifically over being his agent when he stood for election, but I’ve always forgiven him. Something along those lines, but whether in those specific e-mails couldn’t tell you. Don’t have them to refer to. I don’t have his teeth either. Er, by the way – who are you? You ask me to prove who I am – but you hide behind ‘Green Bottle’.

To which I responded:

Oh my oh my – so connected to the Barbara Hewson who sent the local vicar round to my door this evening? Who’s connected to rabbit and moor and Amanda and Jervis – this just gets better and better. Why didn’t he just ask Barbara? As in ‘did she have big buck teeth when she was lying in her bed grandma’? Pass the popcorn…..!

Around the same time, this exchange appeared between Dame Alun and Ms Hewson – though her tweet was shortly afterwards deleted:

Accusing me of ‘associating’ with the “worst type of conspiracy theorists and lunatics” on Twitter would appear to be a bit ‘rich’. 

Mr Just and Janette Scharenborg would appear to have an ‘association’ in that they were jointly named in a cease and desist letter some time ago. Janette Scharenborg has a long and exotic history on Twitter that I certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with. (Interestingly that last link refers to a woman named as Susan Melrose which was one of the names used by ‘Fiona of the fake Savile letter’ – gets ever more confusing by the minute doesn’t it??)

Hewson goes on to say:

She has talking of trolls being able to go after people

Sadly I can’t make sense of this sentence. Unless of course, she is referring to trolls she is associated with who have a long history of tracing and harassing people? Like me? Can’t be sure given the syntax.

She holds a vast amount of highly sensitive and confidential material – she once said that Savile alone generated 30, 000 emails and this was some years back so her mountain o f sensitive personal data must be much greta now. I am not sure if she is even registered with the ICO.

All information that I have held over the past five years has either been passed to Edinburgh, IICSA or destroyed, precisely because I was concerned about the material being held in private hands. Further, I have cleaned my computer of all old e-mails, (which is why I was not in a position to refer to the emails Simon Just wanted me to produce) contact details, and old blog articles.

I find the email to my election agent, coupled with the attempt to involve our local vicar in this affair, both frightening and intimidating.

Ms Hewson claims that she was writing to him thus because she wanted to disassociate herself from my campaign on the subject of the NHS on the grounds that she was concerned that her home address would be revealed – from what I have read of Mr Just’s alleged predilection for revealing people’s home addresses she might be well advised to look closer to home before she emails my election agent saying that my:

social media output has become utterly irresponsible‘.

Pot, kettle!

I’ve never had to delete my late night Twitter output in the morning.

For anyone wondering why I am finding it hard to work out who I can trust and who I can’t, who I can believe, and who I can’t – they only have to read the above.

Since I publicised my new email address yesterday, I have received three emails from former commentators on my blog who had watched with horror the public ‘baiting’ of me by both Ms Jervis and rabbit – and read both as being deliberate attempts to create unhappiness, so it’s not just in my ‘imagination’ – given that I have also been battling with a very difficult family reunion after 50 years apart; given the enormous physical and emotional impact of going from being a walking, talking, human being to someone who requires a team of nurses to turn, wash and relieve me of bodily waste, in a single week-end; given that I have been betrayed and lied to by two people who I have supported for many years, and given the Twitter onslaught I have endured, and had tried to mount a campaign on behalf of the NHS – I would say my mental health has stood up pretty well. Ketamine or no Ketamine.

IF you think you could do better, or indeed know of anyone who has encountered such a set of difficult circumstances over a two month period and has done better – do please pass on my contact details. I am happy to take advice.

Now, whatever will tomorrow bring? Excuse me, I’m going back to watching the swans – and the Marsh Harrier, he’s busy trolling a baby rabbit. Pass me my binoculars.

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  1. I find the phrasing of majorleak2017 quite interesting. It reminds me of a certain gentleman of Upton know to us both. He has been using similar phraseology against myself for some time

    Glad you continue to fight on. I caught your election result on Sky TV whilst in Corsica. I know you didn’t expect to win but I am pleased that you weren’t bottom of the poll. Perhaps you should adopt you opponents approach – start some civil unrest and demand another vote until they get it right. Or is that left. Not sure any more…


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