Savile to lose his title?

How curious. Surrey police let off Savile seven times – seven times when they had evidence that could have convicted him. Whatever were they doing all that time? – certainly not investigating Levi Bellfield! They had failed to investigate 24 sex attacks that could have been linked to him!  They spent millions and millions chasing Savile from one end of the country to the other, hired hundreds of ex-detectives to interview middle aged women and middle aged men who claimed to have been attacked by Savile in the most unlike places – and yet Surrey Police couldn’t spend a penny investigating or following up genuine leads to serious sex attacks right across the country that were linked to Levi Bellfield – was it because they were too fixated on Savile?

I am so angry with myself that I am now too sick to follow this up – I do hope that Moor takes up the challenge and digs into this Sunday Times story. It looks as though Savile is in danger of losing his crown as ‘Britain’s’ most prolific sex offender’ and it might be handed to Levi Bellfield. After five years hard work on the Savile case, it is galling that I can’t see it through to the bitter end, but there you are.

I hope to be going home from the hospice tomorrow, back to the Tender’s Nest that Mr G has constructed for me; every Ship has it’s Tender moored alongside, and so does his Ship.

Sorry, that is as much as I am capable of writing today, it takes the morning of medication to straighten me out after a night’s heavy sleep and leave me pain free for the afternoon and by that time I am ready for another sleep! Tomorrow I go home to Mr G who knows exactly how to care for me – they don’t mean to be unkind, but they are always so busy in here and they have so many rules and regulations that have to be followed – that they only have to have one man who was seriously ill (which they had) and one lady who fell out of bed (which they did) and there is no nurse available left to deal with me consequently I was left from 4.30am screwed up in a corner of my bed, unable to straighten myself out, with the pain of lying like that increasing by the hour. It was 9am before they got round to me and I had to chose between having pain relief and breakfast or having a wash. I decline the wash….so I stink, but by the time Mr G arrived at 10,30 (he’s not allowed in any earlier – another rule!) at least the pain was easing and he was able to slip me my vape e-cigarette, which naturally I’m not allowed either…’no evidence that it’s ‘safe’ – so after 10 days I am suffering from severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

What would you do? Go home with some pain not yet controlled from the ‘EastAnglian Centre of Excellence for Pain Control’ with some pain not yet controlled – although it would be by Mr G applying the pain control at 4.30am and keeping it up every two hours on the dot, plus copious Yorkshire Tea and frequent puffs on the e-cigarette and just his warm comforting hands and presence – or stay here?

I’m choosing the ‘Go Home’ option! I can put up with a bit of pain, I loathe this place.

Apologies; I’ve veered off the subject of Levi Bellfield. Please do use the comments to discuss your views on whether they should have been following up the Bellfield leads, or chasing the imaginary ‘Britain’s Greatest Living Paedophile’ – Savile – across the country.

Here’s a copy and paste of the Surrey Police article from The Sunday Times for those of you who don’t have a subscription to The Sunday Times.

New evidence seen by The Sunday Times links the murderer of the schoolgirl Milly Dowler with a spree of unprovoked bludgeon attacks on women across Britain that the police never fully investigated.

Levi Bellfield, a former wheel-clamper from west London, is now linked to 24 violent attacks and rapes in the two decades before he was caught in 2004. This would make him one of the most prolific serial attackers of women in British criminal history.

Two newly identified suspected victims of Bellfield last night called on the Metropolitan police to investigate their cases. In separate incidents they were both clubbed over the head while walking alone.

Police intelligence on Bellfield seen by The Sunday Times shows detectives suspect him of nine attacks, in addition to a series of rapes and assaults previously investigated but never prosecuted.

Bellfield, who is serving two whole-life tariffs, is challenging his conviction for murdering Milly Dowler in 2002. He was also convicted of killing Amelie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy.

Officers from the national police serious crime analysis section (SCAS) uncovered a series of unsolved attacks that took place in London, Surrey, Middlesex, Sussex and Lancashire.

The intelligence was collated before Bellfield’s first conviction in 2008 but has not been revealed until now. The attacks match his movements around the country at the relevant times.

Two of Bellfield’s murder victims were bludgeoned to death
Two of Bellfield’s murder victims were bludgeoned to death

One of the victims identified by police was Sarah Spurrell, who received three blows to the head as she was walking to a friend’s house in Hastings, East Sussex, on a January evening in 2004.

Although the police SCAS unit identified Bellfield as a suspect, it did not inform Spurrell and dropped the investigation after he was convicted of murder.

Spurrell, a 38-year-old mother of two, said yesterday she was “100% sure” her assailant was Bellfield after being shown his picture and called for her case to be reopened. She confirmed that the size, build and eyes all match Bellfield’s appearance and believes she could have been the “next Milly”.

Officers found the new cases by searching the national crime database for specific factors including: a female victim, aged between 15-40, no evidence of sexual activity and the use of a heavy weapon around the head.

Two of Bellfield’s murder victims — 19-year-old gap-year student Marsha McDonnell and 22-year-old French student Amelie Delagrange — were bludgeoned to death with head wounds.

Former detective chief inspector Colin Sutton, who led the murder investigations, confirmed the research and said it suggested Bellfield was a serial offender.

“We were looking for blitz attacks on lone females, especially where there was no robbery or sexual assault, because that is something we know he did which is extremely unusual. Attacks of that ferocity for no apparent reason are rare,” Sutton said.

The new cases date back to July 1994 when a 29-year-old woman was hit from behind on the head by a blunt object at a deserted petrol station in Hinchley Wood, Surrey. The assailant — wearing a balaclava — struck her twice more after she fell to the ground but she still managed to fight him off.

A woman, now 49, who was attacked in Croydon, south London, in 1995 said last night: “The force of the blow wiped my memory . . . It fractured my skull and I was in hospital for several days.

“I didn’t know Bellfield might have been a suspect. I’d like the police to investigate. It’s not enough that he’s in jail. I want to be sure it was him.”

She said the incident “broke” her confidence and it had worried her for years because her attacker remained unknown.

Two similar assaults on women took place in Blackpool, Lancashire, in 2003 and 2004 when Bellfield was visiting the town for nights out. Several other cases occurred around Twickenham, west ­London, near his home.

Sutton described the evidence linking Bellfield to the attacks as compelling: “We couldn’t find any similar offences that we couldn’t link to Bellfield.”

The cases were not investigated further. Senior officers at the Met decided to use resources on other priorities as Bellfield was in prison for life. “I didn’t dis­agree with the decision, although I would have been happy to continue investigating the crimes,” said Sutton.

The crimes Bellfield has been linked to include: six rapes of teenage girls, three rapes of older women, an attempted murder, one kidnap, an indecent assault and three further hammer attacks.

He was tried for two of those cases: the attempted murder of Irma Dragoshi, then 33, from Hounslow, west London, who was hit over the head with a blunt instrument; and the kidnap of Anna-Maria Rennie, 17. The jury failed to reach a verdict.

Bellfield, 49, who has converted to Islam, is in Durham’s high security HMP Frankland. He claims he was wrongly convicted for the murder of Milly Dowler, 13, and says he now has CCTV footage and a new witness to back up his case.

Last year the Met held another investigation into Bellfield which proved inconclusive. It did not comment on the nine new cases in the intelligence research.




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  1. Sorry if this sounds insensitive, but if the hospice is so dreadful why not refuse to be taken in? The transfer in itself must surely be an ordeal.

    Incidentally, having been slagged off for winning the dead pool contest by nominating Charlie Gard, I’ve now nominated you! Hopefully you will get your own back by not letting me win it and knowing your sense of humour, you’re probably laughing right now.

    Humour is a great source of comfort – even when it hurts like hell!

    For a real laugh, take a look at our friend Rickie over at the old Ranting Penguin blog. He really loves us both. Give me one wish and I’d wish you and he could exchange health. If that makes me a bad person, I can live with it!

    Love and kisses x

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  2. “….. vape e-cigarette, which naturally I’m not allowed either…’no evidence that it’s ‘safe’….”

    What’s the very worst that could happen?

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  3. Do please give me a link to the old Ranting Penguin blog, I don’t know how to find it!
    The one thing I definitely haven’t lost is my sense of humour – and not do I intend to, it is my saving grace.
    When you are wreathing with pain and someone offers you one of the precious 16 beds in the ‘Centre for Excellence fof Pain Relief – if sounds like a very good idea – the last time I was here I only lasted one night before I had sepsis and had to be moved to the hospital so really hadn’t had a chance to evaluate the place, but having been here in this humourless hell hole for 1 day with all their pettifogging rules and regulations I will never be conned into coming back. When you are completely paralysed from the chest down, getting yourself out again is no easy option – I actually got as far as finding out that a private ambulance back to home would cost me £740 which would be a bargain, but the fact that I was prepared to go that far did jar them into setting a ‘release’ date – and a long conversation about e-cigarettes and whether it was fair to withhold them from those who are dying. By sheer chance – and it really was sheer chance, arranged some two months ago; Dick Puddlecote came to see me the same day and he brought with him some very efficient nicotine replacement gum patches – and also the mobile phone number for the man who heads Public Health England and was prepared to talk to the Doctor and tell him that Public Health England now recommended their use – to say that the Doctor was surprised that I was able to rustle up such high level support with a twist of my little wrist was more than satisfying – naturally I didn’t tell him it was accident! Dick was coming anyway, God Bless him. Anyway, I quite understand why they didn’t want to release me on a Friday, I’m not unreasonable – out of hours Doctors and skeleton staff everywhere if anything went wrong, so Monday was the next option, and Monday I agreed to. 3.30pm when they can rustle up an ambulance and get pharmacy to issues all my drugs. It is Sunday already, Monday is just tomorrow. I can do it. I can.

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  4. Let’s assume for the purposes of the discussion, despite there having been — as far as I can see — no proof that would hold up in court (even on a balance of probabilities, never mind beyond a reasonable doubt) of Mr. Savile’s guilt, that he is indeed the most manifold ‘sex’ offender.

    Sexual activity seems to have been, according to Mr. Sutton, absent from Bellfield’s modus. Would this not make his rôle as a suspect in those cases that included it somewhat dubious?

    Whether Mr. Savile can be allowed to retain his title as champion sex offender, despite there having been no hard evidence (if you’ll pardon the expression) of his having competed, I leave to others.



  5. Dear God – they might be responsible for killing me, and that would never do would it? I mean this is a hospice too you know……
    Same reason Mr G has to sign a ‘food disclaimer’ notice when he brings me in a Marks & Spencer sandwich instead of their disgusting food which believe it or not is actually cooked in Cardiff and then shipped over here……
    The Trust has it’s rules and regulations, to say nothng of it’s Dignity and Privacy policy……

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  6. Get home safely Sue, I would love to have seen that doctors face! Good for DP, I have heard of dying patients refused more morphine in case they get addicted, it’s a mad world. As far as JS goes I would like to see any proof that he was guilty of something not the fantastic media stories. He may be but I haven’t heard any convincing evidence as yet. Take care.
    Carol42 xx


  7. To be honest (Granddaughter has decided to have an afternoon nap btw) I couldn’t give a flying Castlemaine XXXX whether or not Levi or Jimmy did what to whom …I know I should, I know I should care, but the only things in your post that matter to me are got some pain relief this morning…finally 2. You’re still on track to go home and 3.(perhaps most important of all) you can still write (ie your brain is still functioning as ever was).

    I’ll worry about which one was the bigger nonce later.


  8. My brain is still as lucid as ever, but I am having trouble holding my attention to a full blog post. Never mind, I am doing my best and shall continue to do so. Just thought that information abut the Millie Dowler Detective, Colin Sutton, was important and no one else seemed to have picked it up since it was behind a firewall. I have put it on JK’s site too. He still hasn’t learned how to copy and paste.

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  9. ” I shall try hard to write a blog post I can be proud of.”

    Says she who has just managed to pen something a good half a notch above what most of us could manage painfree and ‘sober’ (ie NOT on mega doses of opiate painkillers) from the comfort of our armchairs, full command of our limbs, with our cigarettes,pipes or vapes to hand, and perhaps a cup of tea not in a feeder beaker with a straw.

    And more over, it is a ‘really useful engine’..oops I meant ‘useful post’, you’re doing something-getting information out there for those who need to see it and THAT is always a reason to feel proud by itself.

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  10. I am in awe of your persistence, intelligence and logic (despite the dreadful disease, the numbing medication, and pettifogging restrictions). I do hope that you will be back home tomorrow. Best wishes to you, and Mr. G.

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  11. The utterly magnificent Raccoon who (if my prayers and vibes have anything to do with it) has years of pain free and happy existence with the mighty G – don’t we all wish we had a G? Finally I’ve discovered what a G spot is) in front of her, has cut’n’pasted for me (I cannot do it behind the firewall; a paralyzed Raccoon is better than a fully functional King any day). My one point is that Colin Sutton is actually, I think, a fine cop and a decent man – and incidentally with the Met, not Surrey Police. It was because Bellfield chose to murder two more innocent girls in MET territory that he was found within weeks when Surrey Police (under the swifty retired Brian Marjoram) had failed to stop him in years. Blame Marjoram and Surrey Police – who are destroyed in Gemma Dowler’s superb book about her sister Milly.

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  12. I wish I did have have years of pain free existence ahead of me, but unfortunately, it really is the end of the road for me, the last scan showed so many tumours and so much activity that even the non medically minded can see that I have only a short time ahead of me. All the more reason to make the most of it and not put off meeting with people and conversations with people that have been put off for far too long.
    The ‘breakthrough’ pain, as they call it, otherwise known as the pain they cannot control with a regular dose of background medication, is intense, and mind blowing- I may be a strong woman, but it reduces me to tears and behaviour that you would not see from me otherwise – and yes, there have been times when I have lashed out at others most unwisely – including dramatically destroying the blog in a fit of ‘for God’s sake if you can’t leave me alone now, then just f*** off and you take over the mantle of ‘Savile defender’ – which I never was in truth, but had been appointed as such by social media. The loss of Amanda’s friendship hit me very hard – I had protected her identity and supported her and her family for so long that I was bitter – and bitterly upset when she failed to stand up for me. That coming on top of my ‘new family’ troubles, and Margaret Jervis’ totally unexpected attack on me, and then Barbara Hewson’s identity revealed as part of the trolling activity that has gone on, as near destroyed me as it was possible to do. I did take it badly that you had 18 charges to face rather than the one I had been expecting – as I’m sure it did you – but that was why I decided that you were not to be trusted either, so stopped speaking to you. In short, the world was just crumbling round me, and I couldn’t cope any longer in any sort of dignified fashion.
    I hope the people concerned read this – and if not, I hope someone points them to this comment, because I would like them to understand what has gone on in my little world.
    I am going home today – home to Mr G and the boats and the river, and to the carers who know me and understand me, I don’t care about much else, just the warmth of Mr G’s hand and Blocked Dwarf who has been such a staunch friend to me despite his own burdens in life that I am speechless with admiration. I hope someone draws Amanda’s attention to this comment and she understands.
    Anyway – 3.30pm this afternoon – I shall be put in an ambulance and conveyed to Ship Cottage and Mr G and beyond that, I think no further. Except that Edinburgh University do have a complete copy of my blog, but in ‘dropbox’ fashion. I don’t really understand that, but there is a copy and it can be fixed to the end of this wonky WordPress blog, so it will be there for anyone who wants to copy it and keep it for posterity, so all is not lost. I cannot do any more. The pain is killing my ability to think further than that. Perhaps you can keep a link to it on your blog.
    If I find that the peace and quiet of home enables me to write more, then I shall do so, if not, I shan’t. Thank you everyone. I did keep keep going for as long as I could. If anyone thinks I could have done more – then stuff you – you try and walk in my shoes.

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  13. On thing I wanted to add, and it is an important thing – when I lashed out, I found that a number of people that I had considered ‘enemies’ in other words on the ‘other side of the great divide’ were not the people I expected – in fact they were just as interested in finding the truth of the allegations as I – we – were, and were not enemies at all, but decent people. Sunny Claribell, Hollie Greig for Justice, even Mark Watts, yes, even Mark Watts, when you actually talk to them, they are not enemies of those ‘defending Savile’ but were people who really care about child protection and want to get to the bottom of all this – so all I can say, is give them a chance, as I have, and you may be pleasantly surprised. In other words, stop the fighting, especially on Twitter, and everyone work together, and we may end up with protected children, which is surely what we all want, rather than winning points ‘scored’. Nothing is ever black and white, that has alway been my point of view, there is a large grey area where the truth lives. I only ever proved that Savile couldn’t have committed the crimes he was accused of by Bebe Roberts – did he abuse other under age girls at a later date – I don’t know. Did he do so in full knowledge of the fact that they were underage? I don’t know that either, though I doubt it, his reaction to finding Susan B’s age and that she had taken drugs that night, make me doubt it – but the 60s were a strange time when everyone was engaged in sex whenever they could find it, and there was a lot of pressure on girls to dress up as older and grab the nearest rock star, celebrity they could. Groupies in other words.That doesn’t make him a predatory paedophile, a word much misused at the moment. Were there predatory paedophiles around at that time, VIP ones? I have no doubt there were. so do I believe the tales of murders and babies killed for sacrifice – not for one moment, I think the media have a great deal to answer for, only too happy to print lurid tales to sell their grubby rags. I think many people have jumped on the bandwagon – and many of them will have been abused by other people – family members, the man wth a sweet shop at the end of the road – oh yes – so much easier to pin the label on Savile along with everyone else, so I think there are very murky waters ahead. Not least with our police forces, desperate to keep up their numbers and not find themselves with austerity cuts. Same goes for the Murdoch press – after Leveson they were desperate to prove that if they couldn’t print what they wanted, these ‘dreadful monsters’ would not be uncovered. The entire Savile saga has been useful to a lot of people.
    Sorry to have gone on so long, but there was a lot I wanted to say.

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  14. The comments above do not apply to Meirion Jones, who I think was only ever determined to settle a family score based round his lack of inclusion in his grandmother’s will.


  15. I have just returned from visiting the Landlady in the ‘hospice’. AFAIK or She or G knows she is due to go home this afternoon still and certainly the doctors said nothing to the contrary when they came round this morning. G has packed up her belongings and taken her computer back home so it is unlikely she update further here today. She had a bit of a rough night again so I’m hoping she’ll now sleep until the ambulance comes to collect her …opening her eyes only briefly to enjoy the Parsnip Soup (YUCK!) she has ordered for lunch.

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