As you are probably aware, dear Reader, Susanne Nundy died a few weeks ago- peacefully in her sleep at home .  However before she died she became increasingly upset by the thought of having deleted her blog…twice.  So she asked some of her minions if they might ‘do’ something about it. Could they reconstitute her original, beloved, blog despite her having ‘nuked’ it…twice (She was nothing if not consistent).

Most of you are probably aware that madame’s minions were successful in their endeavours and the raccoonstituted blog can be viewed at the only place it should be:

This blog post is simply for those who haven’t yet gotten the post-it note.

Although still a work in progress, indeed this very morning the Archivist discovered a secret cache of even more of her posts, it is as near a complete copy of her blog as is humanely (and according to the Archivist ‘demonically’ ) possible. On servers beyond the writ of UK Libel law, back upped more times than a train station Gents and more ‘bullet proof’ than a Kevlar basque. With any luck , it will be on the net until the Zombie Apocalypse (or ‘Brexshite’ as we Brits call it).

And to end on a suitable bit of pathos: The Landlady’s husband, Mr G, has spent many poignant hours and even days reading through it …incase anyone was wondering (he, G, also passed on to Madame’s Little Helpers all the copies of posts he could find on her old laptop).

-Your Dwarf In Norfolk



  1. An eerie silence seeming to have settled over the land twixt here and Norfolk, I had thought over the past week or so of writing to T.B.D.. Not that I had anything of weight to say; just felt like commiserating over the silence and sharing the thought that, even when not actively engaging with us, one sensed Madame’s benign and usually humorous presence.



  2. It also seems eerily quite in Upton since the dear lady promised to come back and haunt a certain well known troll. It seems she has kept her word. I do hope so.

    I confess to missing her scribblings…

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  3. Apologies if I am showing my IT ignorance in replying. But thank you for this, thanks for your efforts and thanks above all for Ms Raccoon. The truth can be difficult, slippery, inconvenient and perhaps too elusive to ever find. But it is a worthy objective no matter what you believe.

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